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Information you may need during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

•Current recommendation for screening mammograms: 

Healthy women of average risk should delay routine breast cancer screening until later this year.  Komen has made this recommendation to minimize exposure to and potential spreading of COVID-!( and to help support the health care system’s need to focus scarce health care capacity and resources on managing the pandemic.  

•What should you do if you have a symptom of breast cancer? 

Anyone displaying warning signs for breast cancer should contact their health provider to determine their need for diagnostic imaging.  Beware that warning signs for breast cancer are not the same for all women.  The most common signs are changes to the look or feel of the breast.  Visit to learn more about the warning signs for breast cancer. 

•Arkansas BreastCare 

Arkansas BreastCare provides breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services for eligible Arkansas women. If you qualify, you can receive the following services at no cost to you: 

  • Mammograms 
  • Clinical breast exams 
  • Pelvic exams and Pap tests 
  • Follow-up testing, if needed   

For more information about Arkansas BreastCare – a program of the Arkansas Department of Health visit the following website: 

•Grace Period for Health Insurance Premiums: 

60-Day Moratorium to assist citizens who may struggle to overcome obstacles during this health emergency, the Department is hereby issuing a sixty (60) day moratorium on the cancellation/non-renewal of insurance policies for the non-payment of premiums for Arkansans diagnosed with/positively tested for COVID-19. For more information read BULLETIN NO. 6-2020 from the Arkansas Department of Insurance.  

•Where can I go to get answers to questions about Covid-19? 

If you have questions about the Coronavirus – A hotline is available through the Arkansas Department of Health to answer your questions or concerns. ADH Coronavirus Hotline: 1-800-803-7847 

•Is there a local resource for emergency assistance? 

Contact Arkansas 211 to check on the possible availability of emergency assistance. 

•Informational Webinars/Videos

  • Participate at your own leisure an online 60-minute yoga class with breast cancer survivor and yoga instructor, Coral Rose.  Clear your mind, relax and unwind with us.  Click here to access this free yoga class.
  • Hosted by Susan G. Komen, join oncologists Lisa Newman, Julia White and Antonio Wolff for a recorded discussion on breast cancer treatment during COVID-19.  They answered participant questions and shared what they want patients to know.  View the recorded video here.
•A Guide for Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers and Family Members
•Covid-19 and Metastasis Breast Cancer
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