Fun Ways to Fundraise!

  1. Lunch Box Auction:

Employees supply lunches to be auctioned.  Encourage management participation.  Display lunches. Give prizes for most creative, nutritional, elegant, and humorous lunch.

  1. Casual Days:

Sell casual day badges allowing employees to dress casually on certain days.  Employees purchase badges for $5 each.  Designate certain casual days as “crazy days” and encourage your team to show their wild side, i.e., Silly Hat Day, Outrageous Socks Day or Sports Team Day.

  1. Baby/Pet Picture Match Game:

Invite employees to try their luck matching baby and/or pet pictures of management.  Award the entry with the most correct answers a paid day off or some other fun incentive.  Charge employees $5 per ballot.

  1. Raffles:

Vacation days, gift certificates, parking spaces, clothing/mugs with your company log, etc.  The sky’s the limit!

  1. Company Comedy:

Have employees bring in their favorite jokes.  Combine all the jokes into one volume.  Sell the books at a comedy-themed lunch hour.

  1. Office Olympics:

Teams must be made throughout the office.  Determine sign-up fee.  Teams will participate in events such as making paper airplanes to see whose flies the longest distance, dress for success relay, shooting crumpled paper into wastebaskets, department darts, etc.  Encourage departments to enroll staff.  Hold finals in the main lobby for all to see, Awards/ prizes to be given to winners.

  1. SHHH! Silent Auction:

Have staff bid silently on items such as VIP parking spots, casual days, etc.  Money raised goes towards your team’s fundraising.

  1. Sports Shorts:

Organize a softball, basketball, touch football, dodge ball, kick ball or bowling tournament.  Staff socializes outside of work, creating stronger bonds and has fun.

  1. Tailgate Party:

At lunch host a parking lot tailgate party.  Each employee pays $10 to attend.  Gather everyone together and serve hotdogs, wings, chips and beverages.

  1. “Who Knows the Nose” Contest:

Have employees take pictures of there noses.  Hang the pictures on a wall.  For a small fee employees can guess the nose “owners”.  Employee guessing the most correct noses in the shortest amount of time is the winner.

  1. A piece of the “Pink” tie/scarf:

Company coordinators wear the same tie/scarf during the recruiting and fundraising campaign.  Each time an employee turns in a registration or donation the employee gets to cut off a piece of the tie/scarf.   Not only is it great fun for the employees, but it is a great conversation piece that motivates employees to participate.

  1. Penny Wars:

Each department is given a jar, or container; the object is to have the most money in the jar at the end of your fundraising campaign.  Pennies are added to the total and other coins and bills (nickels, dimes, quarters and paper money) are subtracted from the total.  One department can sabotage other department by putting silver or green into their jars.  A department will retaliate by putting more pennies in their own jars and silver and green in the other department’s jars.  This will go on throughout a designated number of days.  The jars should be kept in a central location where a neutral party can monitor them. At the end of the designated time, the neutral party will total the jars and the department with the highest total receives the prize or incentive.

  1. E-Mail Bingo, 50/50 Draw or Raffle:

Bingo cards are available for purchase at any party store or make your own.  Assemble prizes that are of interest to your co-workers. Use company sports or special event tickets, special parking, or a paid day off for prizes.  Send out an e-mail announcing the event and inform your co-workers how and where to purchase cards.  Start the game by posting one number per day via e-mail.  If the game is short or there are more prizes, play again!  Play straight line, two lines, X across the card and/or full card to make it more interesting.

  1. Team Chia Pet Contest:

Employees will need to divide into teams and choose a team captain.  Each team will care for and provide food, clothing, and shelter for their Chia pet (sun lamps, rapid grow, and sweet talking are all fair game to grow your Chia Pet).  Ask employees to pay to play and cast their votes and winners will win bragging rights.

  1. Card/Board Game Tournament:

This event can take place during lunch breaks and can consist of a number of board and/or card games to be played. Set an entry fee and acquire prizes for this event.  You can make the event more interesting by introducing teams and/or interdepartmental competitions.

  1. Heavyweights:

Ask contestants to pay for their guesses of the combined height and weight of the management.

  1. “Pink Out Day”

One day during your recruiting and fundraising campaign encourage employees to dress in Pink head to toe.  They can raid their friend’s closets to wear as much as possible.  After all you can never have on too much Pink!  Ask employees to donate $5 to place their votes to the most Pink’ed Out person.



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